Monday, April 11, 2005

Mae Magouirk's Story Thus Far...

I'm sure you have been following the sad story of Mae Magouirk referenced in my last post. (Thanks again GTL!) While there has been some good news, the family was dealt a blow today as well.

Ken Mullinax sent the following email today:

MY Aunt Mae is now being nourished and hydrated at UAB medical Center. HOWEVER, BETH GADDY HAS ISSUED AN ORDER TO THE MEDICAL STAFF AT THE CCU-UNIT of UAB WHICH PREVENTS MAE'S BROTHER (A. B. McLeod) SISTER (Lonnie Ruth Mullinax) and nephews/any of the Alabama relatives FROM VISITING MAE MAGOUIRK IN HER ROOM at the hospital. When we appeared today to visit Mae, we were turned away by hospital staff! It is ironic that my Mom is on the 7th floor and Mae is located on the 8th floor of UAB but she is prevented from seeing her sister who is suffering from the same heart malady. SO IT GOES. It is heartbreaking..but we are still overjoyed she is receiving substantial nourishment, fluids and a proactive medical treatment....praise Christ!!

What amazes me is the complete lack of shame exhibited by first, Michael Schiavo and now, Beth Gaddy. The eyes of the nation are focused upon their actions, but they don’t even seemed fazed. The defiance of sinful man is beyond belief. There was a time that families could sit down and deal with such matters in a calm and rational way, now it seems that we have allowed lawyers and judges to replace such discourse. Once we take that first step those on the the slippery slope only gain speed. May God spare Aunt Mae the same fate as Teri Schiavo!

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