Monday, April 11, 2005

And so it begins...

Six episcopal priests have been targeted for their opposition to the ordination of Gene Robinson as the first openly gay Bishop in the Episcopal Church.

Bishop Andrew D. Smith said in letters sent to the priests that they had ''abandoned the communion of the church," which would mean the priests would no longer lead their parishes. The priests could later be defrocked.

Who is out of communion with who here? Those who stand up for biblical truth or those who trumpet a "new age" in religion?

The Rev. Christopher Leighton, rector of St. Paul's Church in Darien, is one of the six priests who received a letter from Smith.

A statement that was circulated April 3 to the St. Paul's congregation said Smith accused Leighton, ''without explanation, of having abandoned the communion of the Church, and he proceeded to threaten further action which would bring harm to Father Leighton, our parish, and our mission." Leighton said Smith is imposing ''spiritual gag orders."

''The real story is our freedom to speak and our freedom to practice our faith is what is being inhibited," he said. Leighton and the other rectors represent conservative parishes that opposed Robinson's consecration. The six churches have since tried to break away from Smith's authority and be supervised by another bishop.

I wonder how soon we will see this taking place in other mainline denominations - Where the laity remain conservative, but the leadership is packed with liberals?

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