Saturday, April 16, 2005

NBC's Revelations - A Quick Review

I tried unsuccessfully to catch the rerun of the premiere of NBC's Revelations on USA Network last night. Couldn't make it. I fell asleep about half-way through. Thank goodness for TIVO. But what I did see was the usual secular sensationalism covered with a venneer of pseudo-religious hocus-pocus. It will probably get big ratings, but will only serve to 1) scare the gulible faithful, 2) marginalize further those already turned off by "End-Times" preachers, and 3) force other networks to promote similar dreck.

For a unique review of the show from an evangelical Christian perspective see this post at American Vision by Gary DeMar.

Do youself a favor get a Bible and read the "original" script - entitled, by the way,

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