Saturday, April 16, 2005

Christian Radio No Longer Christian?

A powerful editorial by Brannon Howse entitled Christian Happy Talk
raises some serious questions about the direction of Christian media in the US. Building off the recent firing of Pastor Marty Minto for comments made on air about the Pope's afterlife, Brannon takes a hard look at what he sees is the selling out of Christian media (radio, books, music). He observes:

"The firing of Pastor Minto brings to the forefront a national debate that has been swirling for some time among Christian broadcasting and publishing circles. As doctrinally questionable books like Joel Osteen's "Your Best Life Now," fly off the shelf, with their largely secular, Norman Vincent Peale, Robert Schuller message, we have to ask, what is the goal? Where's the Bible? Are these radio programs and books not really an inch deep and a mile long with spirituality mixed in to appeal to the masses seeking to feel good in their sin? Many Christian broadcasters, authors and publishers are pitching a message that attracts an audience, offends few and is so palatable that it sells like hotcakes to Americans looking for spirituality. Make no mistake; this is a spirituality based on a self-help, be-happy, have-it-all message that is far from biblical Christianity despite the packaging."

I think he is right on here. We have sold the Good News for Happy News. And ultimately that is Bad News for this country and the Christian Faith.

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