Friday, February 25, 2005

Breast Cancer Group Donates to Planned Parenthood

The following story on disturbs me. We have breast cancer survivors in our church who actively support the Susan G. Komen Foundation and would say it has done wonderful things for women battling this dread disease. But, I must agree with Ms. Silver when she says it is inconsistent to support life on one hand and support death on the other. Yet in our age of moral relativism it is not unusual.

A foundation that works to fight breast cancer has donated a substantial amount of money to America's largest abortion provider, despite evidence of a link between abortion and the leading cause of premature death in women.
According to Eve Sanchez Silver, a former adviser to The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, the group provided Planned Parenthood with 21 grants to in 2003 for community outreach programs, totaling over $475,000. "You can't affirm life with one hand and support an organization that kills people with the other," Silver told, explaining that she left the foundation after she learned of its association with Planned Parenthood. A two time breast cancer survivor herself, Silver agrees that there is a link between abortions and breast cancer, although the National Cancer Institute has dismissed the claim. "Everywhere, women who are working to combat breast cancer are begging for money, but they give funds to Planned Parenthood instead," Silver complained. "And that organization is using it to make beautiful centers so they can lure women in to kill their babies."

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