Friday, April 10, 2015

A Review: "Tongue Pierced" by Nelson Searcy

"In our words are the power of life and death." With this premise, Nelson Searcy, begins a helpful look at the way we communicate with God, ourselves and with others. Rooted in the Words of Scripture, Searcy offers very practical ways to improve the way we use our words to create a deeper spiritual life, better relationships and a positive sense of self. After laying a biblical foundation on the power of our words to be a creative force, for good or bad, he shows us how to use those words to connect with God in prayer, love those closest to us and learn to confront in ways that grow relationships rather than harm them. I especially appreciated his treatment of curse words and his challenge to clean up our conversation by committing to 30 days of watching our tongues. A timely book with a timeless message I highly recommend picking up a copy of Tongue Pierced.

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