Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Review: Fearless by Max Lucado

Timely and extremely relevant, the newest book, Fearless, by popular Christian author, Max Lucado, addresses the increasing culture of fear that hold many today in its tightening grasp. As our nation struggles under the worst economy since the Great Depression, braces itself for a potential flu pandemic and under the threat of more terrorism, Max exposes our deepest, darkest fears to the light of day and the truth of God's Word.

Lucado is the unquestioned master of the turn-of-a-phrase. He can pack more meaning and truth into a sentence or two than some scholars can in volumes of print. Here he uses his skill to remind us that "When Christ is great, our fears are not." I found myself re-reading different sections of each chapter to allow the message to slide by my defenses and deliver much needed wisdom, encouragement and challenge.You may not have all the fears discussed in this book, but you will certainly find those that haunt you exorcised by the person of Jesus.

Another great book by Max and well worth the time to read and the effort to share with someone you know who needs to "imagine life without fear."

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