Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Review: In The Footsteps of Paul

Beautiful. That is the first thought that came to mind as I opened the pages of the latest release, In the Footsteps of Paul, from world-renowned photographer Ken Duncan. Having been moved by a previous work, The Passion of Christ, I was excited to dive into the pictorial life of Saint Paul. Laid out as a biographical travelogue, Duncan wonderfully mixes picture and text to recreate the world of the Apostle. The use of the modern day ruins side by side with artwork depicting the various events in Paul's faith journey allowed me to enter with my mind's eye the biblical story.

The book puts the life of Paul into three distinct periods: the Making of the Man (which looks at Paul's call into ministry), the Mission of the Man (which traces the journeys of Paul throughout Asia Minor) and the Destiny of the Man (which follows Paul on his last journey to Jerusalem and then to martyrdom in Rome.). Scriptural texts are supplemented with Duncan's own commentary, as well as that from other authors, to enhance the appreciation of the photographs.

Coffee-table sized this book is a wonderful book to purchase for ones self or give as a gift. I highly reccommend it to anyone who want to visualize the life, times and geography that marked the birth and growth of the Church in the Book of Acts.

Disclaimer: I received this book as a reviewer for Thomas Nelson Publishing , but that in no way affected my review.

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