Thursday, May 07, 2009

Review: The Noticer

“Call me Jones… I am a noticer.” So is self-introduced the ageless old man in Andy Andrews newest book, The Noticer: Sometimes All A Person Needs Is A Little Perspective, published by Thomas Nelson. Jones mission or ministry is to offer a different perspective upon the struggles of everyday life in this small Gulf Coast community of Orange Beach, Alabama. Interacting with rich and poor, young and old, regardless of color, creed or class, Jones transforms lives with his homespun wisdom.

I found this book to be a quick and enjoyable read. While the wisdom dispensed by Jones is not new; most in fact comes from some of the best inspirational literature written in the last 20 years, Andrews weaves it seamlessly into the narrative. Addressing problems universal to humanity, this book offers solutions in bite-sized, yet effective pieces. From people who have lost their dreams, to marriages in crisis, to the problems of business and the hopes and fears of teenagers, most of us can find something to relate to. I underlined and marked many nuggets of truth that if not relevant now, will someday come in handy for myself or those I counsel.

What is perhaps the most important truth shared in the book comes at it close when Jones disappears leaving only his enigmatic suitcase. Through shared stories of Jones’ “divine interventions” , the residents of Orange Beach realize that they have been given the power to be noticers as well, and have been sent into their world to minster perspective in the lives of those they meet.

This would make a nice gift book for someone needing a pick-me up and a little bit of perspective on their own lives.

(I received this book as a reviewer for Thomas Nelson Publishing, but that in no way has affected my opinion of this book)

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