Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick - A Baptist?

"SAINT PATRICK WAS A BAPTIST. After a cautious and critical study of reputable writings, I am thoroughly convinced that he was not affiliated in any way with the Roman hierarchy.

It is indeed magnanimous of our Catholic friends to give this humble missionary of ours such prominence on their scroll of illustrious saints. Think of it: they have even erected cathedrals in his honor. However, we feel it is time to sweep the cobwebs of superstition and the dust of legend off this dear old preacher of the Cross.."

Thus begins a sermon preached on March 12, 1952 by Dr. John Summerfield Wimbish, that seeks to wrest St. Patrick from the clutches of Romanism and ensconce him firmly in the ranks of our baptist brethren. You may or may not agree with that premise but this message is a good summary of Patrick's life and minstry.

You can read the whole sermon here.

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