Monday, February 09, 2009

Ten Reasons Christians Need To Study The Book of Leviticus

What can the church learn from this ancient book of sacrifice and ritual? Actually quite a bit. In preparation for our new evening teaching series, Pastor Scott shares 10 reasons why we need to study the Book of Leviticus.

1. Our understanding of Scripture is "practically" heretical.
2. Our view of the OT Law is faulty.
3. Our understanding of God's nature is narrow/unbalanced.
4. Our sense of God's presence is limited.
5. Our sense of sin is weak.
6. Our appreciation of Christ's sacrifice is diminished.
7. Our appreciation of Christ's continuing priesthood is diminished.
8. Our worship is misdirected.
9. Our true calling as Christians is neglected.
10. Our accommodation of the world is dangerous.

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