Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Disney Update

We are in the midst of our Magical Disney experience here in Orlando. It has been quite an adventure...

We got a good start, leaving almost on time and made good time getting to South Carolina; where the "fun" started. At about 9:30 PM I got the worst pain in my back and side I have ever experienced. We rushed to the emergency room in Florence and I was diagnosed with renal colic - a kidney stone! Fortunately it was a small one - and it passed early the next morning. I now have sympathy with women and the pain of childbirth.

Next we ran full on into the fury that was tropical storm Fay. Driving through the 60 mph wind gusts and driving rain, I wondered how people decide to ride out hurricanes. Soggy, but safe we reached the Magic Kingdom.

On Saturday night, I was biting the plastic tag off of one of the boy's toys and had my front crown break off. So at 7:00 AM Sunday morning I am at the Disney dentist having the tooth reattached. After Dr. Hugo Chavez (his real name - nice Christian man) cemented the crown, he looked at one of my back teeth and said I was working on a possible root canal! He gave me scripts for two medicines to hold off the pain and problem, but do you think I can find a pharmacy close by? For two days I have wandered the highways of Orlando, but each time I find a place the pharmacy is closed...oh well tomorrow is another day.

Now lest you think it is all pain and sorrow, in fact we are having a pretty good time. My brother-in-law (Hi Matt - Thanks Matt) allowed us to use his Disney Vacation Club membership and we are staying in the Villas at Wilderness Lodge. As far as I am concerned the best resort in Disney. We honeymooned here 10 years ago October.

The boys are swimming everyday and we have just enough time in the parks to keep everyone happy and sane. Its fun to see through the boy's eyes. They oooh and ahhh over the smallest things. Its great! Today we hope to meet up with some church friends who are down here the same time as us.

A few more days and we head home. I have some interesting observations on the Gospel and Disney I will be sharing later. Until then I am watching the Weather Channel - Hurricane Gustav has Florida in it's cone...

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