Friday, July 25, 2008

Spurgeon Is The Man Week

Mark Driscoll over at The Resurgence has declared this - unofficially - "Spurgeon is the Man week" with a series of three posts on the Prince of Preachers. You can read them here, here and here.

Spurgeon has long been my spiritual mentor and guide. His devotionals are daily fare and I am attempting to read through the whole 63 volumes of sermons from his pulpit minstry. A wonderful model for both new and seasoned servants of God I wholeheartedly concur with Driscoll - Spurgeon is the man!

Some great resources:

Spurgeon Archive
Spurgeon Gems
Spurgeon audio page (not of course the great man himself - just his words read by another.)
Morning and Evening devotional
Pilgrim Publications (publishers of all things by Spurgeon)
A great collection of Spurgeon Quotes
Bible Academy has links to the commentaries reccommended by Spurgeon in "Commenting and Commentaries."
Mount Zion has many Spurgeon tracts for download or for order for free.

"Many of the veils which are cast over Scripture are not meant to hide the meaning from the diligent, but to compel the mind to be active, for oftentimes the diligence of the heart in seeking to know the divine mind does the heart more good than the knowledge itself."
- Charles Spurgeon

Update: Driscoll has added a fourth post on Spurgeon. You can read it here.

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