Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Just In Time For Lent...

LINDEN, Calif. -- A Stockton-area businessman is peddling blessed bottled water.

The half-liter bottles of Holy Drinking Water distributed by Wayne Enterprises Inc., of Linden, only carry the blessings of Catholic and Anglican priests, but company president Brian Germann said he plans to expand to other faiths.

He said he thought of the concept on June 6, 2006, or "666," and has sold about 3,000 bottles since January at a Linden market and on the Internet.

The bottles, filled with plain, purified water, carry a label that warns sinners who drink the water that they may experience burning, intense heat, sweating and skin irritations.

"This has some potential and is a lot of fun," said the Rev. Mark Smith, who blessed a batch in February. "Most people will pass it off. But some may have a moment."

Holy Drinking Water has led to positive conversations about religion and what it means to be a sinner, but it should not be used as a substitute for attending church, Germann said.

Story from the Associated Press.

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