Wednesday, February 28, 2007

God In A Box?

The self-proclaimed "King of the World" has taken on the "King of Heaven and Earth" in a title bout that was over before it began. By now most of you have heard about the over-hyped rehash of a twenty year old archaeological find in Jerusalem purporting to be the family tomb of Jesus.

Experts in the various disciplines have weighed in with their scepticism and I would defer to their collective wisdom. The following links will take you to some of the better analysis of the facts.

James White from Alpha and Omega ministries.

Between Two Worlds references a letter from Skeleton In God's Closet author Paul Maier.

Tim Challies take on the controversy.

Good thoughts from John Piper.

Pulpit lists many other great links and resources.

My take on this? It will do little to weaken most Christians' faith. It will provide the critics of Christianity with another supposed smoking gun. It will generate some book and DVD sales profiting James Cameron and others. (Note the virtual cottage industry that grew from books written refuting The Da Vinci Code last year) But at the end of the day little will have changed.

Although perhaps some good can come of this if we take advantage of the peaked interest to hold forth the truth of Christ's resurrection and the veracity of Scripture.

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