Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday Spurgeon

It is making light of the Gospel and of the whole of God’s glorious things, when men go to hear and yet do not attend. How many frequent churches and chapels to indulge in a comfortable nap! Think what a fearful insult that is to the King of Heaven. Would they enter into Her Majesty’s palace, ask an audience and then go to sleep before her face? And yet the sin of sleeping in Her Majesty’s presence would not be so great, even against her laws, as the sin of willfully slumbering in God’s sanctuary.

How many go to our houses of worship who do not sleep, but who sit with vacant stares, listening as they would to a man who could not play a lively tune upon a good instrument? What goes in one ear goes out the another. Whatever enters the brain goes out without ever affecting the heart. Ah, my Hearers, you are guilty of making light of God’s Gospel when you sit under a sermon without attending to it!

Oh, what would lost souls give to hear another sermon? What would yonder dying wretch who is just now nearing the grave give for another Sabbath? And what will you give, one of these days, when you shall be hard by Jordan’s brink, that you might have one more warning and listen once more to the wooing voice of God’s minister?

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