Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday Spurgeon

Sinner, the sin you dread is forgiven when you have wept sorely before God and you have cast yourself on Christ and on Christ, alone. In the name of Him who is the Eternal God, I assure you that your sins are all forgiven. From the book of God’s remembrance they are blotted out. They are as clean gone as the clouds that floated through the sky last year and distilled their showers on the ground. Your sins are gone. Every one of them. The sin over which you have wept—
the sin which caused you many a tear is gone and is forgiven.

Further—do you ask where your sin is? I tell you your sin is gone so that it never can be recalled. You are so forgiven that your sins can never have a resurrection. The nail is not driven through the hands of your sins, but through their temples. If you should live twice ten thousand years no sin could ever be laid to your charge again if you believe in Christ Jesus. You have no conscience of sin left. “As far as the east is from the west,” so far has He removed your
transgressions from you. God has spoken and said—“Be of good cheer, your sins are forgiven you,” and it is done. None can reverse the sentence. He has cast your sins into the depth of the sea and they can never be found again.

No, further, Sinner, for your peace and comfort, your sins are not only forgiven and killed so that they cannot rise again, but your sins have ceased to be. Their dead bodies, like the body of Moses, are brought where they never can be found. More than this, they do not exist. Again, O child of God, there does not remain so much as a shadow of sin—“Who shall lay anything to the charge of God’s elect?”—much less prove it against them? What dog can wag his tongue to accuse?—much less, what witness shall rise up to condemn? God has justified you, O Sinner! I you believe, and if you are so justified, you are as much accepted in God’s sight as if you had never sinned. Had your life been blameless and your path been holy even to perfection, you had not been more pure in the eyes of Divine justice than you are tonight if your faith is fixed on the Cross of Christ. Right through the brain of all your sins, the hammer has driven the nail of Christ’s grace. The spear that pierced the Savior’s heart, pierced the heart of yours iniquity. The grave in which He was buried was the tomb of all your sins. And His resurrection was the resurrection of your spirit to light and joy unspeakable.

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