Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sermons on Steroids?

Tim Challies blows the lid off the latest scandal of the evangelical mind: Theo-Doping. Challies has gathered evidence that emerging pulpit prince Mark Driscoll has been found to be juicing his messages with Reformed Theology. Here are some excerpts of this breaking story...

"This is becoming increasingly common," said David Pullman, lead investigator in the case. "This guy has no seminary degree, no Calvinistic background. He writes books, preaches sermons, runs a church planting network and has a whole brood of children. Somehow he finds time to do all of this and to maintain theology that is consistently biblical and Reformed. It doesn't add up." Theobolic steroids, consumed in small amounts, can increase a pastor's understanding of theology and his theological output, giving him a decisive edge over competitors.

"It's little wonder his church has grown so quickly," said another investigator who spoke under condition of anonymity. "What chance does anyone else have against a guy who is willing to shoot up with theobolic steroids? It is a despicable crime!" Rumors are circulating that discarded syringes containing traces of Reformed theology have been discovered scattered around the pulpit at Mars Hill."

The whole shocking revelation can be found here.

Sadly this appears to be an isoloated case since many in the emerging church movement seem to have no coherent theology at all.

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