Tuesday, July 11, 2006

You're Not The Boss Of Me!

Douglas Wilson writes:
"The push for women being ordained as priests (or pastors, or bishops, whatever) is not coming from a Church crowned with glory after several centuries of faithfulness, martyrdom, and exuberant evangelism and discipleship. It is coming from a Church addled with various and rampant sexual confusions. In other words, the ordination of women and the ordination of homosexuals are not two separate issues, but rather two manifestations of one issue. What is that issue? We do not want God to define who we are. Because these are not two separate issues, an evangelical support for women's ordination is actually an ignorant support of homosexual ordination. This is true theologically, but it is also true practically. If this were not practically the case, we could just as easily be hearing calls for all practicing homosexual priests to be defrocked, and then after that, we could move on to the pressing business of ordaining women. Think that will happen soon? Don't hold your breath."
Wilson's critique is right not only about the issue of women's ordination and homosexuality but also for many of the things that are plaguing the Church today. "We do not want God to define who we are." This rebellion, of course, is as old as the Garden of Eden. The sin of God-formed, God- breathed Adam and Eve was the attempt to be something that they were not. By definition, the clay has no say in how the Potter forms it or for what function. God has clearly laid out the limitations of humanity, not as a means of punishment, but of blessing. It is only when we step over those boundaries that we bring disorder into the world.

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