Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday Spurgeon

The Apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith!” They went to the right Person. They did not say to themselves, “I will increase my faith”—they did not cry to the minister, “Preach a comforting sermon and increase my faith.” They did not say,“I will read such-and-such a book and that will increase my faith.” No, they said to the Lord, “Increase our faith.” Faith’s Author can alone increase it. I could inflate your faith till it turned into presumption but I could not make it grow. It is God’s work to feed faith, as well as to give it life at first. And if any of you desire to have a growing faith, go and take your burden this morning to God’s Throne, crying “Lord, increase our faith!” If you feel that your troubles have been increased, go to the Lord and say, “Increase our faith!” If your money is accumulating, go to the Lord and say, “Increase our faith”—for you will want more faith as you get more rosperity. If your property is diminishing, go to Him and say, “Increase our faith,” so that what you lose in one scale you may gain in the other. Are you sickly and full of pain this morning? Go to your Master and say, “Increase my faith,” so that you may not be impatient, but be able to bear it well. Are you tired and weary? Go and supplicate, “Increase our faith!” Have you little faith? Take it to God and He will turn it into great faith.

There is no hot-house for growing tender plants like a house that is within the curtains—the tabernacle of God—where the Shekinah dwells. I have been speaking in very great pain. But I would, if possible, close by asking you who are Christians whether you do not think this prayer very necessary to your own state. Let each one ask himself, Do not I want more faith? My Brothers and Sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ, rest assured, you will never get too much of this precious grace. If you pay all the way to Heaven, you will never have a penny to spare when you get to Heaven’s Gate. If you live on faith all your journey through, you will not have a pot of manna left.

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