Monday, July 17, 2006

Church Shopping? You Must Be Kidding...Right?

Another example of how the Church has sold out to the marketing model can be found at the new website "Church" which promises to match your compatability profile with a local church. Read a bit of their ad copy:

Finding the right home church is one of the most important decisions you will make for you and your family. Your place of worship needs to inspire, encourage and challenge you as well as utilize the unique gifs and talents you have to offer.

Searching for a home church usually consists of making a list from the Yellow Pages and spending several weeks, even months, attending various services that often do not match your family’s style of worship or specific care needs. Time, especially our spiritual time, is extremely valuable and is not best served by this type of church search.

Let Churchshoppers help!

Using your criteria in our search engines, Churchshoppers narrows the field from hundreds of churches to a select group of churches with whom you share deep levels of compatibility. Where other services provide you with an address and phone number, Churchshoppers matches you to possible churches based on compatibility in the most important areas of life – denominations, preaching style, music style, children’s ministry and even more!

If you are away from home, re-locating to a new area, or simply need a fresh start, let Churchshoppers help you find the right church for you and your family.

Stop Church Hopping and Start Church Shopping!
Apparently we have been going about things in the wrong way for two thousand years. Who would have thought it was the "Mail-Order" Bride of Christ!

HT: The Wittenburg Door

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