Wednesday, July 19, 2006

At Least 241 Reasons To Support Israel Against Hezbollah...

On the morning of October 23, 1983, the First Battalion, 8th Marines Headquarters building was destroyed by a Hezbollah terrorist-driven truck, laden with compressed gas-enhanced explosives. The resulting explosion and the collapse of the barracks killed 241 Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers - many still in their beds.

The names of those killed by Hezbollah's attack.

WorldNet Daily reports that the same Marine unit is returning to Beruit to assist the evacuation of Americans there.

Debbie Schussel is reporting that many of the "Americans" looking to be evacuated are Hezbollah supporters. She writes:

"Of the 25,000 American citizens and green-card holders in Lebanon, at least 7,000 are from Dearborn, Michigan, the heart of Islamic America, and especially Shia Islam America. These 7,000 are mostly Shi'ite Muslims who openly and strongly support Hezbollah...Many of the 7,000 plus Detroiters in Lebanon are active in Dearborn's Bint Jbeil cultural center (the Lebanese American Heritage Club also features mostly Hezbollah fans). Bint Jbeil is a Hezbollah-dominated city in the South of Lebanon, a frequent destination of Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, who is very at home there. Bint Jbeil is a frequent source of shellings on Northern Israel."

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