Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sunday Spurgeon

I can never understand that Christianity which alternately goes out to find joy in worldly amusements and returns home to have fellowship with Christ. In the life of Madame Guyon, who, though professedly a Papist, one must ever receive as being a true child of God, I have read an anecdote something to this effect. She had been invited by some friends to spend a few days at the palace of St. Cloud. She knew it was a place full of pomp and fashion and, I must add, of vice also. But being over persuaded by her friend and being especially tempted with the idea that perhaps her example might do good, she accepted the invitation.

Her experience afterwards should be a warning to all Christians. For some years that holy woman had walked in constant fellowship with Christ—perhaps none ever saw the Savior’s face and kissed His wounds more truly than she had done. But when she came home from St. Cloud she found her usual joy was departed—she had lost her power in prayer. She could not draw near to Christ as she should have done. She felt in going to the lover of her soul as if she had played the harlot against Him. She was afraid to hope that she could be received again to His pure and perfect love and it took some months before the equilibrium of her peace could be restored and her heart could yet again be wholly set upon her Lord.

He that wears a white garment must mind where he walks when the world’s streets are so filthy as they are. He that has a thousand enemies must take care how he exposes himself. He who has nothing on earth to assist him towards Heaven should take care that he goes not where the earth can help towards Hell. O Believer, shun, I pray you, fellowship with this world for the love of this world is enmity against God.

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