Thursday, June 01, 2006

An Important Lesson From C.S. Lewis

"Such are the reactions of one bleating layman to Modern theology. It is right that you should hear them. You will not perhaps hear them very often again. Your parishioners will not speak to you quite frankly. Once the layman was anxious to hide the fact that he believed so much less than the vicar; now he tends to hide the fact that he believes so much more. Missionary to one's own church is an embarrassing role; though I have the horrid feeling that if such mission work is not soon undertaken the future history of the Church of England is likely to be short."

(From the essay "Fern-Seed and Elephants" by C.S. Lewis read to ministerial students of Westcott House in Cambridge on May 11, 1959.)

How much more are these words true today, not only in regard to the Church of England, but to the Church in America as well. May God grant us laypersons who will break their silence and call ministers of the Word to account for their unbelief!

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