Monday, June 19, 2006

Any wonder the Episcopalians are in trouble?

Exhibit A: The of Bishop of Pennsylvania, Charles E. Dennison.


"T'was he who wrote a Visigoth Rite to be used for persons of the same sex who wanted to tie the nuptial knot in Philadelphia's cathedral. T'was he who could not affirm basic doctrines of the Christian Faith when challenged to do so by Fr. David Moyer, Anglo-Catholic rector of the Church of the Good Shepherd in Rosemont. And t'was he who said Jesus was a sinner (not sinless) who forgave himself - becoming the first bishop in the 2,000-year history of the church to make such a statement.(Not even Arius said such a thing.) It was Bennison who said the church wrote the bible and can therefore rewrite it, and it was he who said that Jesus is "a Christ" but not the Christ; with his latest inanity that Jesus "winked at sin," uttered two months ago. In the Pennsylvania Episcopalian (February 2006), Bennison doubts the "historical accuracy"of the four gospels and compares Mark, Matthew, Luke and John to the words on the Soviet War Memorial in Berlin calling both "propaganda"!

Exhibit B: the Right Rev Katharine Schori, Bishop of Nevada

From The Times Online:

"In an address made in 2003, she said: “I have come to understand that sexual orientation is primarily a given characteristic, rather than one that is chosen.” Last year she said: “Our heritage and context shape our theology. The ways in which we understand Scripture and appropriate Gospel response to social realities are shaped both by our roots and our current circumstances.”

Conservatives have greeted Bishop Schori’s election with surprise and caution.

David Anderson, the president of the traditionalist American Anglican Council, said: “There is surprise that someone who has only been an Episcopal priest since 1994 and only a bishop since 2001 would be chosen to be the Presiding Bishop of a church that is in such troubled times.

“It will exacerbate the troubles. She has voted against a document that upheld Scripture as necessary to salvation. She also voted for the consecration of Gene Robinson. She is strongly for the gay and lesbian agenda in the United States.”

Is it any surprise that with this kind of leadership the Episcopal Church is floundering? When you cut yourself off from any bibilcal moorings you will soon drift into heresy and outright apostasy. To my episcopal friends I cry with Scripture: "Come out from among them!"

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