Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Review: The Da Vinci Code-Breaker

In a recent Reuters poll conducted in the United Kingdom, 60% of those who read The Da Vinci Code believed that Jesus did in fact father a child with Mary Magdalene. Sadly, I believe you would find similar numbers in the United States. Already an international best-seller this controversial book will open this week as a Summer blockbuster starring Tom Hanks. The potential harm this Hollywood treatment of Dan Brown's novel could wreck upon biblically illiterate minds is astounding.

In response a veritable cottage industry has sprung up to refute the claims in The DaVinci Code. As a pastor, I have reviewed many of them for use with my congregation. One of the best I have found is a new book by James Garlow (with Timothy Paul Jones and April Williams) entitled: The Da Vinci Code-Breaker. Originally intended as a glossary to Garlow's book, Cracking The Da Vinci Code (an excellent book in its own right), Garlow wisely decided to let it stand on its own.

Subtitled: An Easy To Use Fact Checker, it provides over 500 facts, definitions, biographies and theologies of all the major people, places and events referenced in the book and its related background. Arranged alphabetically, it is easy to find what you are looking for. Concise in nature, it gives the essential facts and doesn't weigh you down with needless fluff. It is very comprehensive and will supply the reader with the truth needed to confront the misguided pseudo-history of Dan Brown.

This book is an essential companion for everyone who reads the book or sees the movie. The movie is sure to raise many questions among your family and friends and this volume is a great source of quick, yet complete answers. I highly recommend The Da Vinci Code-Breaker.

This book was provided through Mind and Media, but this had no bearing on my opinions or review of this book.

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