Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Preachers We Need Today...

John Piper shared these words from the great preacher George Whitefield at the recent T4G conference. As true as they were in Whitefield's day, how much greater is the need today for just such men of God! (HT: Adrian's Blog)

"O that we shall see the great Head of the Church once more raise up unto Himself certain young men whom He may use in this glorious employ. And what manner of men will they be? Men mighty in the Scriptures, their lives dominated by a sense of the greatness, the majesty, and the holiness of God, and their minds and hearts aglow with the great truths of the doctrines of grace.

They will be men who have learned what it is to die to self, to human aims and personal ambitions; men who are willing to be ‘fools for Christ’s sake’, who will bear reproach and falsehood, who will labour and suffer, and whose supreme desire will be, not to gain earth’s accolades, but to win the Master’s approbation when they shall appear before His awesome judgment seat.

They will be men who will preach with broken hearts and tear filled eyes and upon who’s ministries God will grant an extraordinary effusion of the Holy Spirit who will witness signs and wonders following and the transformation of multitudes of lives”

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