Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Mind and Media Review: Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed!

Any book that rates the praise of Rush Limbaugh is a must read in my home. After taking precious radio air time to plug the book Limbaugh concludes: "Our hat is off here to Katharine DeBrecht, the author of 'Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed.'"

A hat tip from this reader as well. This illustrated parable of liberalism in action cuts to the heart of the agenda of many of the Left-Wingers in Washington. With obvious glee, DeBrecht tells the story of two little boys who want nothing more than to sell lemonade, buy a swing set and help others. But these good little boys fall asleep one night and find themselves in the nightmare that is Liberaland. They encounter a host of political caricatures that range from a pant-suited Congressman Clunkton to a rotund advocate of more and more taxes. Broccoli, dustpans and a photo of a Big Toe all figure into this cautionary tale of government gone amok.

Fortunately for the good little boys it all turns out to be a bad dream. To bad for the rest of us its no dream.

While marketed for kids, it really is a hoot for parents. The great illustrations and spot on descriptions of what drives today's liberals will have you laughing one moment and shaking your head the next.

I highly reccomend it to all the conservatives out there who need a chuckle. Those on the left don't waste your money you won't be happy.

I received this as a reviewer for Mind and Media, but that in no way influenced my enjoyment of this book.

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