Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Christian Carnival 104 - The Random Edition

I always admire the time and effort that most hosts of the carnival take in putting together the posts for the week into creative categories. Ah yes, I admire them, but emulate them? Nah! Since the whole reason behind this blog is to allow me to randomly respond to what strikes me, I have decide to let someone (something) else decide the way this week's Carnival is listed. So I went over to and entered the chronologically received posts into the random sequencer and voila Christian Carnival 104...

#13 John over at Verum Serum reminds us in Atheocracy Watch that while the unofficial rallying cry of the irreligious left is "Beware Theocracry!" They fail to acknowledge that the opposite of thoecracy is atheocracy which is perhaps even more deadly.

#10 Micah Girl had found her theme verses for the New Year in Simple Devotion and Integrity.

#14 Are Christians hypocrites? Find out from The Doctor is In in a post entitled Fishocrites.

#24 Technogypsy says that "ID is bad theology" in The God of the Gaps

#16 Nunc Pro Lunch makes some observations about Pat Robertson's latest excursion into the Divine Mind in this Pat Robertson Update.

#25 Northernburbsblog almost is finished with a series on what Scripture says about salvation by grace in this post.

#19 An email in response to a sermon leads to this discussion On Prayer at the Secret Life of Gary.

#7 Free Money Finance answers your Questions About Tithing.

#20 Diane at Crossroads asks is Church just for Christians or are we a Mixed Church?

#5 The Story in Your Eyes adresses the issue that while some people may think Pat Robertson has a thing about heads of state, there's enough myopia to go around over at Disciple's Journal.

#22 In "On Morals and Law," Pseudo-Polymath offers some thoughts on Hannah Arendt's book Eichman in Jersusalem.

#2 John Luke at Blogcorner Preacher presents Annoying piety

#9 With tongue in cheek, PhilThreeTen offers The Answer to Your Year-End Church Financial Problems.

#3 Early Riser examines the Intellectual Honesty of religious and non-religious folks when discussing divisive issues (evolution, prayer in public schools & abortion).

#18 Sun and Shield ponders "Three Questions: maybe this is a Meme."

#23 Equuschick at The Common Room presents Damaging Fiction

#11 Kenny Pearce examines the Holman Christian Standard Bible's rendering of three New Testament passages in which more traditional translations have problems in their rendering of the Greek.

#21 Louie at The Marshian Chronicles is tired of people crying "crisis" and he isn't going to take it anymore with this post "Stopping the Crisis money-Making Machine."

#28 Reb Chaim HaQoton at Reb Chaim HaQoton presents Relations of Humankind.

#1 Elena Johnston explores the shape of committed love in an untitled vignette on The Wuggy Chronicles.

#27 John Howell lets us know that the next post in the Back to Basics Series is up at Brain Cramps for God: Loving God With All Our Strength.

#26 The Bloke in the Outer considers The Problem With Dogmatism.

#17 In It's All About Love Rev Bill sends a quote from Thomas Merton that reminds us that love is what our life in Christ is all about.

#15 If we live long enough, we will all get old. But, has the church completely forgotten the elderly, in their quest for bigger and brighter things? That's the question in this post Old Age Is Coming To All Of Us from Tidbits And Treasures.

#8 "Almost every church in America has people sitting in the pews who would gladly lay down their lives for their country, but who wouldn't in a million years give up their lives for God."? Rev-ed discusses "Separating God and Country" at Attention Span.

#6 Xyba at Once More Into the Breach presents Governor vetoes abortion-pain bill.

#12 Light Along the Journey asks: When we pray, whose attention are we trying to get? In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus tells us whose attention we don't need to get and whose attention we do.

#4 With Ariel Sharon's life hanging in the balance, there is much talk about what will be happening in the Middle East. Is there any chance peace, not war, will come out of this? Here's Vegetable Soup's two-cents' worth to add to the conversation: .. Peace with a Price.

#29 Jeremy Pierce at Parableman presents Psalms Commentaries

If there are any mistakes please let me know and we will correct them asap. Otherwise any random order you wish!

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