Friday, December 02, 2005

I've Got Mine...Get Yours!

From the Operation: Just Say Merry Christmas website:

"The enemies of Christmas have succeeded in making Christians feel as if we are bad and intolerant to wish someone a "Merry Christmas". This is political correctness run amok. We have reached an all time low point in our nation's history when human sensibilities are elevated above offending Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is long past the time for Christians to stand firm in our faith."

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OPERATION: JUST SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS is a campaign designed to encourage Christians nationwide and around the world to PROUDLY proclaim The Christ Child as the center of the Christmas Season once again.

In an effort to help turn the tide, we have created this Christmas bracelet to help emphasize once again that the central focus of this season is the Birth of the Christ Child. It is our hope that by wearing the bracelet you will join us to remind others that to celebrate the true meaning of this Holy Season.....


The cost is only $2.50 (s/h included)

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