Thursday, November 10, 2005

From the lips of children God has ordained praise!

Ingrid over at Slice of Laodicea shares this inspiring story from the persecuted church in China.

"When Chinese police burst into a Sunday School recently where 30 children were learning about Jesus, they were in for a shock. Bristling with state authority, the police officers herded the children into police vans. They must have seen their job of intimidating babies as an easy one. They bargained wrongly. It started when one of the children began to sing. The rest of the children joined in. As they were marched into the police station, instead of sobbing and crying, the children were singing praises to the Lord. The outraged police told the children to sit down and write, "I do not believe in Jesus" 100 times. Instead the children wrote this: "I believed in Jesus yesterday, I believe in Jesus today, I will believe in Jesus forever." Exasperated, the police officers called in the parents, threatening to take the children away. Some parents, in fear, denied Christ. One widow whose twin boys had been arrested was told to deny Christ or lose her children.

"If I denied Christ, you'd have to keep the children because without Christ and his help, I couldn't raise them." she responded. The police finally gave up and returned the children to their parents."

What a powerful testimony to those who are ashamed of their Lord in this country!

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