Monday, November 07, 2005

CBS Producer Markets "Jesus Juice"

Newsbusters has the story:

"A CBS producer who led the network's coverage of the recent Michael Jackson trial has been marketing a brand of wine under the label "Jesus Juice," complete with a logo of a Christ figure sporting a Jacksonesque red glove, fedora hat, white socks, and penny loafers. has learned that Bruce Rheins, a high-level producer for such shows as the "CBS Evening News", and his wife, Dawn Westlake, began preparations for their marketing campaign while the Jackson case was still in court, registering a U.S. trademark for the words "Jesus Juice" in January of 2004, days after word got out that Jackson referred to wine by that term in allegedly attempting to seduce young boys."
I'm almost speechless. To capitalize off of this is just sick. To sin against the "Body and Blood of Christ" in such a manner is an offense to all believers. To equate the Son of God with Michael Jackson is so far over the line...

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