Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Please Vote For My Brother's Vision

Dear Blog Readers,

My sister-in-law has entered an essay contest in order to win Lasik eye surgery for my brother. The essay receiving the most votes will win the procedure. Here is her essay:

Title: Poor Social Worker wants to suprise soul mate
Author: Andie Abbas

I am writing this in hopes of surprising my boyfriend by winning the contest for him. Ever since I have known him he has wanted to have this surgery. As much as I love him and would LOVE to give him this as a gift, I am a social worker and therefore my little income doesn't allow me. It would take me years to save for him. Travis does construction and when he is working he wears his glasses. The only time he wears his contacts is when we go out. And now since we are parents, that is hardly ever. When we found out we were pregnant, we had to remodel our house to make room for the baby. And not just add a room on-gut the entire house down to the studs-in the winter time-with heat only in one room. I had to move back to my parents and Travis took 4 months leave from work so he could work on the house. Needless to say it didn't get done in time since our beautiful daughter came 2 weeks early-and we needed every minute. Trav continues to finish up projects we didn't quite get done. So not only does he glasses get lots of wear and tear-he now deals with playing with his energetic daughter who likes to beat up on him
and his glasses. Trav deserves this surgery and a break (to cheer on his favorite team) and I hope I can make his dream come true of not wearing glasses, as he is making my all dreams come true.

Please vote here to help make her dream and my brother's come true.

Thank You!

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