Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Extreme Makeover: Old Testament

Michael Duduit at PreachingNow offers this humorous, yet insightful commentary on modern Bibical scholarship.

There's a new book out that insists poor Queen Jezebel has been misunderstood all along. As a news release from Fortress Press notes, "The Jezebel Letters combines top-notch biblical scholarship with a fictionalized first-person account of the biblical character. (Author Eleanor Ferris) Beach transforms the stereotype of the notorious biblical queen into a more historically based portrayal of a powerful, literate royal woman."

If Jezebel can be redeemed by an imaginative dumping of the biblical record, just imagine some of the other book possibilities there might be:

Snake in the Garden: The Misunderstood Reptile

Cain: The Brother You Never Really Knew

Potiphar's Wife: The Real Story

Pharaoh: The Ultimate Pyramid Scheme

Goliath: The War Years

Haman: The Power Behind the Throne

Judas: Beyond the 30 Pieces of Silver

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