Thursday, October 20, 2005

Confession Is Good For The Soul(s)

Doug Wilson over at Blog and Mablog raises an interesting point about the besetting sin of conservative Reformed evangelicals (which I proudly consider myself to be) and I think he is right to some degree. Read what he says:
"When we ask if someone can be saved without knowledge of the Deity of Christ, the answer is sure...

This does not mean that everything is absolutely up for grabs. Whether someone has a correct grasp of the gospel matters a great deal -- at his ordination exam. At the great presbyterial banquet, I wouldn't let anybody into the kitchen to cook if he did not know all about the Deity of Christ, the hypostatic union, the triune nature of God, the substitutionary death of Christ on the cross, His resurrection from the dead, and so on. But would I let people into the banquet to eat if they did not know about these things? Absolutely -- the more they come, the more we feed them. And because we keep a close eye on the cooks, we feed them good stuff.

This is the besetting sin of conservative Reformed evangelicals. They think you are not qualified to eat until you are qualified to cook. And we scratch our heads over the dismal results, and conclude that we need to pray for revival. But, as Tozer once put it, if revival means more of what we have now, we most emphatically do not need revival. We don't need revival at all, frankly. What we need is reformation. One of the prophets condemned those shepherds "who feed only themselves." And we won't have reformation in the historic evangelical world until the trained cooks stop stuffing all the food into their own pie holes, and show some kind of willingness to feed and nurture the ignorant. But we are stiff-necked, and refuse to waste any food on him. Why? He's too skinny."

Forgive me Lord, for the times I have kept someone away from your banquet...

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