Saturday, May 21, 2005

A Post Too Good To Pass Up...Read It!

The following comes from Blogcorner preacher.

The Notional Council of “Churches”

No, "notional" isn't a typo. And the scare quotes in the title are exactly right. The left-wing lobbying organization that operates in the guise of faith, the National Council of Churches, should be known to all as exactly what it is. The "churches" that are members may have individual members who are stalwart believers. Yet these churches, formerly called "Protestant mainline", have lost their way, dabbling in liberal politics and seeing only a gospel of income redistribution and welfare checks.

The latest salvo from NCC? For some reason, they believe that the Christian church, which they claim to represent in some measure, has a dog in the current fight in the Senate on judicial nominees. From their website, consider this proud statement on the filibuster brouhaha:

A historic civil rights organization has joined the NCC in warning that efforts to eliminate the Senate filibuster may dismantle the system of checks and balances that once made civil rights legislation possible

Talk about a selective memory. The filibuster, led by the same party that now wishes to again stymie the will of the majority, was infamously used to...what's your first guess?

If you guessed that the most infamous and common use of the filibuster was to kill civil rights legislation, you would get the gold star. So, one might think, that eliminating this undemocratic vestige of the "golden age" of Robert Byrd's Klan days might be something that a Christian should get behind. Should; but so-called Christians of the NCC stripe would much rather pursue a purely partisan agenda.

It is curious that the NCC, supposedly in the business of saving souls, should be so heavily invested in politics that it places such things at the top of its agenda (at least on their home page on the web). Perhaps their choice of issues is a reflection of their pretending to be a Christian organization.

Thanks John Luke! As one of the stalwarts left in a declining mainline denomination, it breaks my heart to see the Gospel lost in partisan politics. It frustrates me when the “leaders” of the Church are so out of step with the people in the pews. Harsh judgement awaits us if we continue to bow before such idols!

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