Friday, April 15, 2005

Pray for the Papuans

Christian Papuans Facing Genocide, Says WEA Researcher

“Papuans, often Christian leaders, are frequently killed by the TNI (the Indonesia military), who are constantly trying to provoke retaliation that could be claimed to justify a full scale massacre against the 'separatist threat,'” reported RLC’s Elizabeth Kendal in the April 13 release of the Religious Prayer Bulletin.

“The TNI terrorizes Papuans from helicopters, shooting civilians, burning villages and churches, and forcing thousands to flee their homes and hide in the jungle where they die of starvation, illness or injury,” Kendal added.

Eastern Indonesia’s Papua (formerly Irian Jaya) forms the western portion of the island of New Guinea. Although it has been memorably highlighted in Don Richardson's well known missionary tales 'Peace Child' and 'Lords of the Earth,' many people worldwide have not even heard of Papua or confuse it with the independent nation of Papua New Guinea (PNG) in the eastern part of New Guinea

According to Operation World, more than 90 percent of indigenous Papuans are officially regarded as Christian, mostly Protestant. An amazing statistic, sources say, since Papuans were animists and headhunters only 50 years ago.

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