Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Jesus Scented Candles?

File this under: Too Much Time on Your Hands…

An American couple have created a scented candle based on biblical accounts of what Jesus smells like.

Bob and Karen Tosterud, from South Dakota, were inspired by a verse that says when Jesus returns to Earth his robes will perfumed with myrrh, aloe and cassia.

Karen sourced the fragrances on the internet and had a family friend manufacture the 'His Essence' candle, reports WCCO TV.

"I thought: "I wonder what that would smell like". It would have to be wonderful because of who they are representing. If you're not religious at all, it's just a subtle scent. I think it can be shared by all," she said.

The candles have proved to be a huge success with Christians and the His Essence range is being sold by Interior Plus, an American version of IKEA.

Interior Plus owner, Kim Foels, said she is a fan of the candles: "When I burn it in my home, it just gives me a feeling of when I was a little girl growing up."

The candles costs £9.50 and burn for 80 hours.

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