Monday, April 25, 2005

Abortion Clinic Workers Refuse To Help Mother After Her Baby Was Aborted Alive

This is one of the most heat-rending story I have ever heard about the evils of abortion and its willing accomplices. Read it and weep as I have done.

Orlando, FL - Angele, a single mother in her thirties with two children, thought that abortion was the answer to her circumstances. At almost 23 weeks gestation, she entered the EPOC Clinic in Orlando, Florida. Little did she realize that the next day she would give birth to a live, perfectly healthy boy whom she named Rowan. Cradling Rowan's moving body, her screams for help were ignored by abortion clinic workers while her son took his last breath...

The full story with picture of little Rowan can be found at Worldnet Daily and Liberty Counsel websites.

I wonder for how much longer God will withhold His righteous judgment upon this nation. The pagan nations were decimated for their practice of infanticide, do we deserve any less a fate? May God have mercy upon us!

My prayers go out to Angele and her family. May they take comfort from the knowledge that baby Rowan is safe in the arms of the Savior and his brief life may save countless more little ones from a similar cruel end.

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